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Crews Crane Training International is now a part of the Carlton Group.

Ladder Inspection

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The Periodic Ladder Inspection provides you the following information pertaining to OSHA inspections for Portable Ladders.

OSHA (29-CFR 1910.25-27, 1917.118 & 1926.1053) Portable Ladder standards provide information requirements for both General and Construction Industry and will assist you in complying with requirements for your company.

Ladders shall be visually inspected prior to use to ensure that the ladders are safe and in usable condition. All damaged and/or defective ladders will be immediately reported to the supervisor and/or authorized repair personnel. Only authorized repair personnel will perform maintenance and repairs on ladders. Monthly records are required to assure that ladders are maintained in working order in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended procedure. Written or electronic records of inspection should be kept on file for the service life of product.

Periodic Inspection:

During inspection, equipment with damages or deficiencies, not limited to the list below, will be taken out of service for repair or replacement.

  • Hardware, fittings, and moveable parts for free movement
  • Rails for tightness
  • Safety feet and auxiliary devices for proper function
  • Worn ropes
  • Wooden ladders for cracks and splits
  • Metal and fiberglass ladders for bends and breaks
  • Missing or loose parts
  • Grease and oil from rungs
  • Missing or broken end caps, locks, springs, pulleys, guides, and sleeves

Note: A ladder inspection report will be written for each system detailing the inspection and deficiencies found. Any deficiencies listed shall be carefully examined and determination made as to whether they constitute a safety hazard. To follow will be a repair parts quote providing suggested repairs and costs.

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