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Crews Crane Training International is now a part of the Carlton Group.

Hoist Maintenance Electric & Manual

(Course # HOMA-501)

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This course is a must for maintenance personnel responsible for the repair of company-owned hoists and cranes.  This maintenance course will provide both classroom and hands-on activities. Each student will be provided the opportunity to learn the following for power and manual-operated hoists.

Course Length is 1-2 days based on class participation.

Classroom Instruction:

  • OSHA Standards and Regulations
  • Manufacturer Requirements
  • ASME B30.10 hook standard
  • ASME B30.16 & B30.21 standards
  • Inspection Classifications & Record-Keeping Requirements
    • Daily
    • Frequent
    • Periodic
  • Brakes
    • Electric motor and Load holding brakes
  • Wire Rope, Chain, Hooks, Blocks, Sheaves & Drums
  • Hoist Electrical Wiring and Schematic Drawings

Hands-on Training:

Complete Disassembly, Inspection, adjustments, and reassembly of electric powered hoist, manual hoist, and lever hoist.

Special attention to wiring diagrams, circuitry, and electrical part recognition to assist with troubleshooting and proper diagnostics.

Each student will receive:

  • Handbook with charts, inspection report, photos, and references to relevant standards for every inspection item discussed.
  • Electric and manual Hoist Manuals
  • Electrical wiring diagrams
  • Student instruction/hands-on inspection in classroom and then practical inspection by students on company hoists located at facility.

Note: Students will receive a Hoist Maintenance Course Completion Certificate.

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