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Crews Crane Training International is now a part of the Carlton Group.

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Tags, Labels, and Stickers

Below the Hook Device Tag

-Per the ASME B30.20 standard

B30.20-1.2.1 Marking

(a)  Rated Load. The rated load of the lifting device shall be legibly marked on its main structure or on a tag attached to its main structure where it is visible. If the lifting device is made up of several lifters, each detachable from the group, these lifters shall also be marked with their individual rated loads.

(b)  Identification.  Structural and mechanical lifting devices shall be marked with, but not limited to, the following information:

  1. manufacturer’s name and contact information
  2. serial number (unique unit identifier)
  3. lifter weight, if over 100 lb. (45 kg)
  4. cold current (amps) (when applicable)
  5. rated voltage (when applicable) 
  6. rated load [as described in (a)
  7. ASME BTH-1 Design Category 
  8. ASME BTH-1 Service Class
Chain Sling Tag

– Per the ASME B30.9 standard

B30.9-1.5 Rated Load

  1. The sling manufacturer shall establish the sling’s rated load.
  2. At a minimum, the rated load shall be based on the following factors:
    • Component strength
    • Number of legs
    • Design factor
    • Type of hitch
    • Angle of loading
  3. The rated load of a quadruple-leg or double-basket shall not exceed the rated load of a triple-leg sling.
Overhead Crane Directional Marking Label

-Per the ASME B30.2 standard

B30.2-1.1.6 Directional markings

  1. Directional markings (e.g., north, south, east, west or forward, reverse, left, and right shall be provided on the equipment or facility. These markings shall be legible to the operator and consistent with the direction of movement markings on the controllers.
Hoist Inspection Label 2.675 x 4

-Per the ASME B30.16 standard

B30.16-2.1 Inspection Classification

Load Test Label 1.75 x 7.25

-Per the ASME B30.16 standard

B30.16-2.2 Load Test

Load Test Label 2.675 x 4

-Per the ASME B30.16 standard

B30.16-2.2 Load Test

Overhead Crane Disconnect Sticker

-Per the ASME B30.2 standard

B30.2-1.13 Electrical Equipment

Slope Angle Gauge Plastic Card
Personal Platform Basket Inspection Card 2 sides

-Per the ASME B30.23 standard

B30.23-2 Inspection

Overhead Crane Hand Signal Label 5.5 x 8.5


-Per the ASME B30.2 standard

B30.2-3.6.1 Signals

Mobile Crane Hand Signal Label

-Per the ASME B30.5 standard

B30.5-3.3 Signals

Mobile Crane Signal Foldable Card

-Per the ASME B30.5 standard

B30.5-3.3 Signals

Hard Hat Stickers (Set of 3)
Calendar Magnet 6 x 6 (Year 2022)