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Crews Crane Training International is now a part of the Carlton Group.

Mobile Service Truck Inspection – (Annual/Periodic)

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The Periodic (Annual) Mobile Service Truck Inspection is a detailed visual and operational inspection. Individual components are examined to determine their condition.

The Periodic Inspection is performed Annually, Semi-Annually, and perhaps even Quarterly based on severity of service, environment, and continual usage.

OSHA 29 CRF 1926.1400 & ASME B30.5 provide the requirements for Mobile Crane Inspections.

The Periodic Inspection shall be performed by a Qualified Inspector.

CCTI, Inc. technicians are trained and qualified/certified to inspect, analyze and repair deficiencies found during inspections.

Periodic Inspection Criteria:

Driver’s Cab, Chassis, Outriggers, Operator Controls, Load Chart, Safety Devices, Boom, Load Block & Hook must be examined but not limited to:

  • Guards and Covers, structural members for deformity, cracks
  • Bolts, rivets, and other fasteners for loose, failed, or corrosion
  • Welds for cracks, sheaves and drums for cracks and significant wear
  • Pins, bearings, shafts, gears, rollers, and locking devices
  • Brake & clutch system parts, linings, pawls & ratchets
  • Safety devices, indicators, lighting, and operational aids
  • Power plants, leaking exhaust, and emergency shut-down
  • Chains and chain drive sprockets for excessive wear or stretch
  • Travel steering, brakes, and locking devices, tires for damage
  • Hydraulic, pneumatic and pressurized hoses, fittings
  • Shaft seals and joints, outrigger or stabilizer pads/floats
  • Electrical components and wiring, wire ropes/cables, block/hooks

Note: A crane inspection report will be written for each system detailing the inspection and deficiencies found. Any deficiencies listed shall be carefully examined and determination made as to whether they constitute a safety hazard. To follow will be a repair parts quote providing suggested repairs and costs.

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