American Fabricating, LLC - Hoist Testing Equipment

CCTI, Inc. employee Joe Crews has been around cranes and hoists for more than 20+ years. When working as a service technician many repairs were made at the customers location and sometimes repairs were completed at the repair facility.

The main concern of a technician is the satisfaction of knowing the hoists were repaired correctly.

The recommended procedure according to OSHA 1910.179 k (2) and ASME B30.16-2.2.2 is through proof/load testing. We do not always have the designated weight required to do this testing.

By having an American Fabricating Test Stand available, I am able to test my hoisting equipment prior to putting back into service.

6 Ton Test Stand
20 Ton Test Stand
20 Ton Test Stand Cage

The American Fabricating Test Stands can be operated in a vertical and/or horizontal application for ease of use. The base is designed to work with any lift truck with built in fork slots to facilitate ease of movement and for on-site testing.

A Few Other Features Include

  • Hand operated hydraulic pump eliminates the need for electrical power
  • Capable of applying test loads up to 20 tons
  • Large opening between vertical supports - 40 inches
  • Eliminates the need for cumbersome test weights
  • Capable of static testing

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