Sling Inspection OSHA Periodic (Annual)

CFR 1910.184 & ASME B30.9 outlines the general requirements for daily and periodic inspections.

Sling users shall be trained in the selection, inspection, cautions to personnel, effects of environment, and rigging practices.

Slings shall receive a thorough inspection:

  • Damaged or defective slings shall be immediately removed from service.

Initial Inspection
Prior to use, all new altered, modified, or repaired slings shall be inspected by a designated person.

Frequent Inspection
A visual inspection for damage shall be performed by the user or other designated person each day or shift the sling is used.

Periodic Inspection
A complete inspection for damage of the sling shall be periodically performed by a designated person.

  • Periodic Frequency intervals shall not exceed 1 year.
  • A written record of the most recent periodic inspection shall be maintained and shall include the condition of the sling.

The items examined but not limited to are as follow:

  • Marking, Construction and Installation
  • Cutting, nicking or gouging
  • Proper installation of attachments, hooks, and slings
  • Stretched, twisted, or bent
  • Shock loading, unbalanced loading, overloading
  • Punctures and Abrasions
  • Temperature and Chemical burns
  • Weld splatter

CCTI, Inc. technicians are trained and qualified to inspect and provide replacement or repair diagnosis for all types of slings used at your facility.

Extra provided service with your sling inspection is an excel spread sheet detailing the
Slings Ranking.
This bar graph, pie chart and scale will give you an instant Ok, Repair or Replace criteria.

Sling Inspection
Sling Inspection
Sling Inspection
Sling Inspection