OSHA Frequent (Monthly) Overhead Crane & Hoist Inspection

The Frequent (Monthly) Overhead Crane and Hoist Inspection is a visual and operational inspection performed as often as daily to monthly, based on severity of service, environment and continual usage.

Hooks, wire ropes and load chains shall be inspected at minimum, monthly intervals and documented with a certification record which includes:

  • Date of Inspection
  • Signature of person who performed the inspection
  • Serial number or identifier of the hook, chain or wire rope inspected

29 CFR 1910.179, ASME B30.2 & CMAA Spec-78
Provide the requirements for Crane and Hoist Frequent (Monthly) Inspections

The Frequent Inspection shall be performed by a qualified inspector. CCTI, Inc. technicians are trained and qualified to inspect, analyze and repair deficiencies found during inspections.

Below is a brief list of Frequent Inspection items per regulations:

  • Control device motions agree with control device markings
  • Brakes do not allow excessive drift and stopping distances are normal
  • Check hook for cracks, nicks, gouges, and hook throat opening
  • Hook latch is present and operates properly
  • Wire rope is free of kinks, diameter reduction, broken wires and strands
  • Load chain is not stretched, twisted, worn or has distorted links
  • Wire rope and load chain is properly reeved
  • Upper limit device stops lifting motion preventing two-blocking
  • Check for signs of oil and lubrication leakage
  • Check for unusual sounds while operating Crane and Hoist
  • Warning devices work properly and labels displayed & visible

Each system will be given operational tests to verify all functions operate properly. A Frequent Inspection report will be provided upon completion of inspection detailing recommended repairs.

CCTI, Inc. will help you stay OSHA compliant by providing you a thorough Crane and Hoist Frequent Inspection.

Crane Inspection
Crane Inspection