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Crews Crane Training International is now a part of the Carlton Group.

Scaffold Safety

(Course # Scaff-101)

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This training will focus on supported scaffolds and provide important information to keep workers safe. Over 2 million workers frequently use scaffolding in the construction field and statistics show that injuries from scaffolding accidents reach 4,500 or more per year and deaths that occur from accidents average more than 60 per year.

We bring our program to your facility customizing it as needed for your erectors/dismantlers and end-users.

OSHA requires specific training for these employees per 29 CFR 1926.450-454. All pertinent training information, including dates, subject matter covered, names and times, should be documented and kept on file in the location decided upon by your employer.

This 8-hour training will cover the following but not limited to:


  • The nature of scaffold hazards;
  • Correct procedures for erecting, disassembling, repairing, etc. the type of scaffold in question;
  • The design criteria, maximum intended load capacity and intended use of the scaffold, and any other pertinent requirements.


  • Those whose work requires them to be supported by the scaffolding to be able to reach elevated work areas.
  • The nature of any hazards in the work area;
  • The correct procedures for dealing with those hazards;
  • The proper use of the scaffold, and the proper handling of materials on the scaffold;
  • The maximum intended load and the load-carrying capacity of the scaffold.
  • Proper fall protection and inspection procedures.

A written test is part of the training and is reviewed with the operators to ensure understanding and retention of materials covered. Upon completion of testing, a hands-on inspection, assembly & disassembly based on customers’ equipment and location of scaffolding.

Each student will receive a handbook that includes:

  • Scaffolding Manual
  • OSHA CFR 1926.450 Scaffolding Standards
  • Scaffolding Pre-use Safety Checklist

Note: Certificate of completion and qualification wallet card issued upon satisfactory completion.

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