Forklift Operator Training and Certification

(Course # FRK-101)

Crews Crane Training International offers one of the most comprehensive programs available for training forklift operators. The training is tailored to the specific needs of your organization and involves approximately 8 hours of classroom and hands-on training.

The OSHA rules state:

"Training and evaluation shall be conducted by a person with the knowledge, training and experience to train powered industrial truck operators and evaluate their competence". - 29 CFR 1910.178 L

  • Are you in Compliance?
  • Have you trained your employees?
  • Do you have a Forklift Certification Program?

All persons who will operate a powered industrial truck must be trained and pass an operator evaluation before being allowed to use a vehicle in the workplace.

The OSHA standard requires that the employer certify that each operator has received the training and has been evaluated. The written certification record must include the name of the operator, the date of the training, the date of the evaluation, and the identity of the person(s) performing the training or evaluation.

General Training Requirements

  • Formal (lecture, video, interactive computer, etc.) training
  • Practical training using demonstrations and exercises
  • Employers must certify that each operator has received the training
  • Employers must evaluate each operator's performance at least once every three years

Topics Include

  • OSHA laws governing lift truck use/operation
  • Pre-shift inspection
  • Travel and loading
  • Picking/placing loads
  • Refueling/recharging requirements
  • Truck type classifications
  • The stability triangle
  • Ramp operation
  • Pedestrian traffic concerns

Each Student Will Receive:

  • Handbook That Includes:
    • Forklift Operator Manual
    • OSHA CFR 1910.178 Standard
    • Pre-shift Inspection Form
    • Daily Operator Checkilist

A qualified CCTI, Inc. trainer will assist each student with hands-on instruction and review classroom materials prior to operating designated forklift. Completion of pre-shift inspection, picking/placing a load and returning equipment to the desired location point, is required by student under instructor supervision.

A written test is part of the training and is reviewed with the operators to ensure understanding and retention of materials covered.

Forklift Training
Forklift Training